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Elaine Lustig Cohen: Modernism Reimagined

RIT Press 2014

Elaine Lustig Cohen is widely recognized for the client-based design work she produced in the 1950s and 1960s. Influenced at an early age in Modernism, she was later rewarded with accolades for her work as a fine artist in painting and collage. Aaris Sherin focuses on Cohen as a multi-faceted designer, paying particular attention to the book covers she designed for Meridian Books and New Directions.

Sustainable Thinking: Ethical Approaches to Design and Design Management

Fairchild Books 2013

Sustainable Thinking explores how values and sustainability can reshape the way design management is practiced and applied. The book discusses how designers can combine innovative creative thinking with analytical problem-solving skills to produce outputs that are business ready and ethically driven. This book will help designers to use traditional design competencies in visionary ways, and enable them to engage with a diverse set of stakeholders to solve universal design problems. This book is for designers who want to learn about design management that is driven by ethics and values. Designers will also learn about effective business practices through case studies. It will help beginners define sustainability and design management through application of ideas and process and provide experts with possible collaborators and new ways of framing problems and creating solutions.

Design Elements – Using Images to Create Graphic Impact

Rockport Publishers 2013

Imagery is powerful and evocative. It is one of the most important cornerstones of successful visual communication, and working with imagery is a vital skill for every designer. This authoritative book shows how successful sourcing, creation, and use of imagery can be applied to professional graphic design. As a new addition to the Design Elements series, this essential volume covers when, where, and how to use imagery and explores the unique power images have over an audience.

Design Elements – Color Fundamentals

Rockport Publishers 2012

Color Fundamentals is the second book in a new Design Elements series that focuses on a single core element of design. Created with the design student in mind, each book in the series will offer a comprehensive reference for understanding and effective application of core building blocks for designers. This book will break down the rules and elements of related to color and use of color in graphic design. It will cover how and when to apply effective usage of color in professional design work as well as when it’s OK to break the rules. Exciting graphic design will provide visual examples to illustrate means and methods of working with color, limited color palettes and color across media. This book will provide readers a formal and conceptual toolbox for using color in successful design projects.

SustainAble: A Handbook of Materials and Applications for Graphic Designers and Their Clients

Rockport 2008

Graphic designers and their clients are increasingly demanding sustainable solutions. Designers want to address these needs when presenting their work for consideration. As businesses continue to adapt to and provide environmental solutions with their own products, they are demanding it from their creative partners, and designers need to be on the forefront of these initiatives by being well informed. SustainAble will provide the information they need to be ahead of the curve on sustainability issues, inform them on sustainable applications and to approach the issue of sustainability in the areas of paper, printing, formats, materials, inks, and executions.